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Home Inspection

Phoenix, Scottsdale and Maricopa County

A home inspection is probably one of the most important services used in property transactions today and is the only thing between a future home owner and a potential money pit. Our typical home inspection will take approximately two to three hours. It will provide you with as much information as possible about your new home. All the conditions noted during our inspection are recorded, including the test results from the analysis of the various systems, for your reference.

Utilizing our over 400 point home inspection plan, will minimize your risk and provide you with all the facts regarding the physical condition of your future home. For additional information about our home inspections click here.

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The ‘Checklist for setting up a Home Inspection’ form below can assist the Real Estate Agents and homebuyers when setting up their home inspections. The ‘Seller’s Home Inspection Preparation Checklist’ form can be used by the seller or listing agent.

Buyer: ________________________________________________________

Phone: _______________________________________________________

Inspection Address: _________________________________________

Day: ________________ Date: _______________ Time: _____________

___ Schedule Inspection Day, Date and Time.
___ Confirm appointment with the Buyer.
___ Confirm Appointment with the seller.
___ Confirm Appointment with the other Agents.
___ Ensure that all services (gas, electric, and water) are on.
___ Obtain any gate codes or lock box info.
___ Obtain any additional keys, such as: guest house, electrical panels, garage, etc.
___ Ensure that attic and crawlspaces are accessible.
___ Have seller’s transfer disclosure statements available.
___ Have other seller’s documents available, such as: building permits, warranties, etc.
___ Insure all pets are properly handled.

Checklist for Seller’s Preparation for Home Inspection

A property inspection is scheduled for:

Day: ________________ Date: ________________ Time: ________________

The following items should be completed prior to the inspection:

Have all services turned on (gas, electric, water)
Have attic and crawlspaces accessible.
Have pilot lights on and accessible.
Have electrical panels accessible.
Have garage and garage doors accessible and operable.
Have exterior of the house accessible.
Have animals/pets put out of the way.
Disclose any problems that affect the property.
Have documentation available regarding warranties, addition permits, etc.
Provide instructions for any special operations.

Items that could enhance the outcome of the inspection:

Heating and cooling systems clean accessible.
Built-in appliances clean and operable.
Exhaust fans clean and operable.
Water heater properly installed.
Smoke detectors installed and operable.
Pool cleaned with equipment operable and accessible.
Rain gutters repaired and cleared of debris.
Remove all tree limbs and debris from the roof and structure.
Replace any burned-out light bulbs.
Cut back all vegetation in contact with the house.
Redirect all landscape irrigation away from the fencing and structure.

Buying, selling, building or staying in the property you own, a property inspection just makes good sense! Understanding the condition of the systems and components of a building are critical when it comes to purchase, repair and maintenance decisions.

A professional home inspection is an impartial third-party visual evaluation of the physical structure, electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, roofing, interior and exterior.

Upon completion, you will receive a formal written inspection report detailing the condition of each item inspected.

What is Included in the Inspection?

We provide buyers, sellers, property owners, & agents with important information essential to evaluating a property’s condition. Through inspection, consultation & detailed reporting we review:

• Site Overview
• Drainage
• Retaining Walls
• Fences
• Crawl Space
• Electrical
• Air Conditioning
• Walls
• Heating
• Floors
• Foundation
• Roof
• Gas Leak Testing
• Plumbing
• Insulation
• Porches
• Patios
• Decks
• Garage
• Water Heaters
• Baths
• Kitchen
• Pool and Spa (*Additional Fee)

How Long Will it Take?

In most cases, the average inspection takes between 2 to 3 hours depending on the size, condition and age of the property.

About the Report

Affordable Home Inspections is proud to provide you with a high quality reporting system. You will find your inspection report easy to read and the explanations very helpful. Your inspection report will be a valuable resource for years to come.

Square Feet / Type


1-800 Square Feet
$ 305
801-1500 Square Feet
$ 365
1501-2000 Square Feet
$ 390
2001-2500 Square Feet
$ 425
2501-3000 Square Feet
$ 440
3001-4000 Square Feet
$ 485
Over 4000 Square Feet
$ .14 (per square foot)
$ 55
Pool and Spa
$ 85
Manufactured Homes
$ 345
Out Buildings
$ 50-100
Mold Testing starting at:
$ 350
Termite Inspection 
$ 75
$ 150
Homes older than 1970
Add $ 35

Affordable Inspections


American Society of Home Inspectors

Member Home Inspections USA

Inspection Training Associates

International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Affordable Inspections

Qualifications and Certifications

At Affordable Inspection, many of our Inspectors are General Contractors with years of building experience and thousands of Home Inspections. In addition to this, all of our inspectors are licensed and certified by the State of Arizona, Board of Technical Registration a requirement to conduct Home Inspections in the state of Arizona.

We adhere to the Inspection Standards set forth by the State of Arizona through the American Society of Home Inspectors. To review the operating Standards of Practice

All of our inspectors are professionally trained and certified in both Mold and Home Inspections through the licensed, accredited school of Inspection Training Associates and American Home Labs and follow the guidelines set forth by the American Society of Home Inspectors

Our inspectors are up to date with all the building and construction changes and improvements. Each of our inspectors is required to complete an additional 60 hours of continuing education per year.