Home Inspection Phoenix & Scottsdale Arizona

A home inspection is probably one of the most important services used in property transactions today and is the only thing between a future home owner and a potential money pit. Our typical home inspection will take approximately two to three hours. It will provide you with as much information as possible about your new home. All the conditions noted during our inspection are recorded, including the test results from the analysis of the various systems, for your reference.

Utilizing our over 400 point home inspection plan, will minimize your risk and provide you with all the facts regarding the physical condition of your future home. For additional information about our home inspections click here.

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Home Inspection Price List

Square Feet / Type


1-800 Square Feet
$ 255

801-1500 Square Feet
$ 295

1501-2000 Square Feet
$ 315

2001-2500 Square Feet
$ 345

2501-3000 Square Feet
$ 365

3001-4000 Square Feet
$ 410

Over 4000 Square Feet
$ .11 (per square foot)

$ 45

Pool and Spa
$ 70

Manufactured Homes
$ 295

Out Buildings
$ 50-100

Mold Inspection
$ 199

Mold Testing starting at:
$ 295

Termite Inspection 
$ 75

$ 150

Homes older than 1970
Add $ 25

Affordable Home Inspections is a NACHI Member

Affordable Home Inspections is a NACHI Member